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How to Find Love: The Science Behind Love and Attraction

Published on November 14, 2022
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How to Find Love: The Science Behind Love and Attraction


Science of Attraction


Throughout history, mentors, coaches, tutors, guides, and gurus have been permanent fixtures in the lives of the most famous and impactful minds of all time. You see, being an emphatic and helpful guide is the role in which many of play in our life, but it is most certainly someone that many of us need to help us grow and evolve.

I decided to become a love coach over two decades ago, when I found myself homeless, on food stamps, and with a newborn baby. My upbringing led the way to a series of abusive and destructive romantic relationships. When I hit my rock bottom in that moment, I vowed my newborn daughter that I would rise above toxic relationships.

And I did that. I spent years reading, studying, and ingesting all of the science-based information about love, dating, and relationships. I even conducted my own scientific experiment in which I went on over 100 dates in a short amount of time, and interviewed over 4,000 men, women, and couples. The result was my #DIVALoveFormula, a step-by-step system that helps my clients claim mastery in love.

How to Find Love:
The Diva Love Formula


Step 1: Dissolve
Clients begin their love journey by dissolving patterns that may be keeping them stuck as well as removing any attachments to past relationships and painful intimate experiences. This process is designed to heal and reveal the next-level greatest version of themselves.

Step 2: Discover
I guide clients through my inner Soul Mate process, it’s like a spiritual makeover. I create the healed, whole, confident version of them that matches their outward persona successful in every area of their lives. This version of resonates with their ideal match.

Step 3: Date
When a client is aligned and vibrating high, they attract higher quality men with intention and clarity to discover more about their ultimate relationship and intuitively magnetize quality options to choose from who are like-minded and looking for commitment.

Step 4: Destiny
Every aspect of a client’s life will become an abundance machine so they can enjoy the life they’ve always wanted while creating the foundation to maintain a healthy relationship that continues to grow deeper and matches their vision of the marriage and love experience they desire.

Along the way, I incorporate the science of attracting love, my seductress secrets, and more so that a process that can typically take someone multiple years to achieve can be condensed and expedited to be done in a very short amount of time. My coaching programs move quickly--and that is not only so they can get the best results in the shortest amount of time, but so that they can actually witness their own transformation, as it is so abrupt and obvious to others.

There is no greater gift in life than the gift of revealing your true, authentic self.


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