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Debunking Dating Myths: Why 'Women Should Always Offer to Pay for the Date' is a no ma'am

Published on January 19, 2024
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Debunking Dating Myths: Why 'Women Should Always Offer to Pay for the Date' is a no ma'am

In today's episode of questionable dating advice, let's tackle the notion that "women should always offer to pay for the date." You might have heard this gem from a well-known dating "expert" Matthew Hussey, who recently claimed that if men are expected to pay for dates, they should be entitled to expect something in return. Ma'ams, please step away from the check and put your wallets down, because we're about to dive into why this advice is like trying to build a spaceship with a bag of marbles—utterly clueless.


Now, let's make one thing clear: it's nothing personal against Matthew Hussey's dating insights or any other dating experts who give this type of dating advice for women. This is about high stakes dating, and this advice is as well-formed as visiting a Build-A-Bear workshop to buy a high-quality, one-of-a-kind collector's item, and I'll tell you why.

1. Equality Isn't That Simple: Some people argue that if men and women are truly equal, they should split the bill. But let's not kid ourselves; this is dating economics, and we're light years away from equality until men start having periods and babies. Equality is a complex issue, and the dynamics of dating are just a small part of it. Having an egalitarian relationship STILL benefits men, based on the science of love and attraction, and does not apply to finances whatsoever. A man, by nature, is in the role of being a provider and a protector. Period.

2. Would You Ask Jeff Bezos to Pay? Imagine going on a business meeting with Jeff Bezos to get his expert advice on how to run a trillion dollar business and expecting him to pick up the tab. Yeah, right! It's common sense that when you're seeking something valuable, like a potential business partnership or a doctor's expertise, you're the one investing, not them. They understand that your meal is a small price to pay for your time and consideration. Dating isn't all that different.

3. The ROI in Dating: Dating is like an investment. Men who marry wonderful women experience a whole slew of benefits—higher income, longer life, better mental health, and increased ambition. It's in their best interest to take you out and cover the expenses.

4. The Cost of Getting Ready: Let's talk about the economics of dating. Women often spend a considerable amount to prepare for a date—shoes, outfits, hair, nails, facials, and more. It adds up. So, gentlemen, if you're worried about a couple of dinner bills, remember that she's been investing in herself long before you showed up.

5. Women Have More to Lose: Contrary to what some crybabies, feminized men, and Build-A-Bears may say, women have more at stake in the dating game. They have way more to lose including valuable childbearing years. They have a limited window to find a compatible partner and start a family. Time is of the essence, and that makes their time exceptionally valuable.

6. High Stakes, High Risks: Choosing the wrong partner can have devastating consequences for a woman—she could lose her home, car, savings, job, family, friendships, sanity, and even her life. That's a high-stakes game if I ever saw one.

7. Dating in Your Feminine Energy: Dating isn't a transaction; it's about connecting with someone on a deeper level. When dating in your feminine energy, you trust that the right person will appreciate you for who you are, not for who paid the bill. You're an investment that could yield immeasurable dividends for the right person.

In conclusion, let's not get bogged down by one-size-fits-all dating advice. The dating landscape is complex and multi-dimensional. If you want to navigate it successfully, be yourself, invest in genuine connections, and remember that you're worth more than just a dinner bill. If someone thinks differently, well, it's their loss.

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