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How to Meet Single Men?

Published on May 18, 2022
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How to Meet Single Men?

Woman looking through a magnifying glass contemplating where to meet single men


One of the most common questions I get asked is, "how to meet single men?" And while it's true--your soulmate will most likely not show up at your front door--dating apps have allowed us to "meet" men without having to leave the house. However, I tell my clients all the time: you most likely will not meet your soulmate on a dating app. Dating apps are great to put yourself out there and practice dating (yes, I said practice), because dating is all about finding out what qualities you like/don't like in a potential mate. But dating apps can cause burnout very quickly, and so I encourage all of my clients (and all single women) to get OUT there and be visible. Rule of thumb: your soulmate could be just around the corner, walking down the same aisle as you are at the grocery store, or filling his car up with gas at the same time as you.


Always be prepared to meet him. No matter what. When you look good, you feel good. Your confidence--whether or not you want to believe it--is based a lot on what kind of outfit you're in and if your hair is washed and styled. Change your mindset around this topic if you are having a hard time subscribing to it because when you're dolled up, all eyes are on you--even the ones you're not expecting.


Best Places to Meet Men

So, where do good single men hang out? Where do they spend time? Where can I find them? Well, if you're a member of my DIVA University program, I provide a lengthy list of scouted locations in major cities to attract single successful men. But no matter where you are, how populated or un-populated your area is, there are PLENTY of single men to meet. If you are already thinking, "Not where I live, Shay. There are NO single men," well, honey, I don't know what to tell you. If your mind is made up that there are no single men near you, then that's exactly what you'll reinforce over and over. Start manifesting and believing that there are single men to meet no matter where you are!

Here's my #1 spot to meet single men: Luxury car shows. Luxury car shows are special because they are upscale and the energy is seductive. People are usually dressed up and there's something very powerful and masculine about being around so many beautiful vehicles. This will give you even more reason to rest in your feminine energy. There's a lot to talk about, a lot of questions to ask, and plenty of topics of conversation to strike up.


My next favorite spot is either Top Golf or on the golf course. Again, plenty of masculine energy is around to help you activate your feminine energy.


And surprisingly, if you have a Whole Foods near you, that is notoriously a place where singles meet.


I don't suggest going to places where alcohol is the main theme (i.e. bars) to attract men. Nothing good ever came from two tipsy people trying to gauge whether or not they're compatible for life out of a bar. I encourage you to download the Meetup app and search specifically for singles events in your local area. Any events or places centered around art, playing sports, or networking are sure to be a good bet. Join a running club or intermural sport, go to the gym, take your dog to the local dog park, or find an organization to start volunteering with!


The point is: put yourself out there. Being out in the world will absolutely send a vibration into the universe that you are ready and willing to attract single men into your orbit. Start by taking yourself out on dates to coffee shops, local parks, or the grocery store. Once you're comfortable being out in public alone, practice making eye contact with strangers. Take it a step further by practicing holding that eye contact past the point of discomfort. Then--SMILE! This is the formula for inviting a man to come up and say hello to you. The non-approach approach is going to come in handy when you're out in public and a handsome, single man is there, too!


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